Jacque Shannon


Jacque Shannon

Jacque Shannon is one of the two Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner's for Pediatrics & Adolescents of the Northeast Arkansas Children's Advocacy Center (NEACAC). Jacque has her Bachelors of Nursing from Arkansas State University and recently joined the NEACAC in October of 2019.

Her favorite aspect of this job is the opportunity to "offer peace and calmness to patients in a distressing time". She loves educating and encouraging patients so they know they are worthy and valued by society.

Jacque has two children, Logan (16 years old) and Clara (15 years old), along with her fiance, Bruce, and two step sons Tritin (17 years old) and Trevin (11 years old). She loves hiking, being outdoors, road trips, reading, and spend time with family.

Jacque's favorite quote is "We become who we're meant to be, when we fall and then we rise again." -Rachel Hollis

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