The 2015 Leap of Faith Skydive was a success!!!  Because of your commitment to the children of Northeast Arkansas so many more children will receive the highest quality of response and prevention services.


Sponsor One of Our 2015 Jumpers Today!

Why should I jump?

In 2014 alone, the NEACAC provided services free of charge to 489 Northeast Arkansan children affected by child abuse and over 150 specialized pediatric sexual assault exams.  Every one of these children took an enormous LEAP OF FAITH by telling their story of abuse and allowing us to be there for them through the process.  By understanding the courage of these young superheroes a jump from a plane seems a little less daunting and more of a representation of the respect we have for their bravery.  The $1000.00 raised by each jumper will provide complete NEACAC services for one child and guarantee no child will ever pay for our services. 

What do i receive?





how do i join?

-Register to the right with the Executive Director via email or phone (870) 275-7902.  Once commitment form is signed you will be registered.

-You must be at least 18 years of age by May 2, 2015 and under 225 lbs if under 6ft or under 230 lbs if over 6ft.

-Donations must be turned in by May 2.

-All donations are tax deductible and we can send tax receipts upon request.

-The jumper who raises the most by April 15th will receive an extra jump for a friend for May 2nd

-The Leap of Faith Skydive will take place on May 3rd in Somerville just 45 minutes from Memphis.  We decided to have the event there for the utmost safety of the participants with a nationally certified company.

-Those who do not wish to jump, but still want to help raise money can be "Virtual Jumpers" by raising $500 by April 10th and have their name on the T-shirt.

the day of the skydive

-Arrive early

-Wear comfortable clothing, SOCKS and TENNIS SHOES.  NO JEWELRY!

-Tell friends and family to bring sunscreen, chairs, blankets, snacks, lunch...THINK SKYDIVE TAILGATING!


Register today to reserve your spot for the next Leap of Faith Skydive or Wolves Up Skydive and to receive your free fundraising packet full of great ideas to help you reach your goal.

Join us and take a 

LEAP OF FAITH May 2nd (Starts at 10am)